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Bounty Hunter
Mercenary (DPS)Yes Apply
Mercenary (Heals)Yes Apply
Powertech (DPS)Yes Apply
Powertech (Tank)Yes Apply
Imperial Agent
Operative (DPS)Yes Apply
Operative (Heals)Yes Apply
Sniper (DPS)Yes Apply
Sith Inquisitor
Assassin (DPS)Yes Apply
Assassin (Tank)Yes Apply
Sorcerer (DPS)Yes Apply
Sorcerer (Heals)Yes Apply
Sith Warrior
Juggernaut (DPS)No
Juggernaut (Tank)No
Marauder (DPS)No
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SHADOW GUARD is a Sith guild on the MASK OF NIHILUS server in STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC. We are a casual raiding guild, catering to both players interested in end game raiding and those interested in playing at their own pace. Founded as a means for old friends from other MMOs to play a new game together, many of our guild members have known each other for a long time prior to SWTOR's release. Our long term goal as a guild is to be one of the better known and respected guilds on our server which we hope to achieve by enlisting mature players, keeping friendly relations with other guilds, and dominating end game content. Our raid times for Operations are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm Pacific Standard Time. If you are interested in joining our guild, please click the "Join Shadow Guard" link on the navigation menu above.
Guild News

Operation Days Changing

Lord Tyranthus, Feb 25, 12 12:50 AM.
Effective today (Feb 22) our days for Operations have changed to Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 6pm to 9pm PST.

Only Admitting Level 50s

Lord Tyranthus, Jan 26, 12 1:47 PM.
As the game is now roughly a month and a half old (including pre-release time), we've decided to only admit level 50s into the guild from this point forward. This decision was made to increase the active number of 50s in guild, and also to make obtaining groups for guild hard modes/guild ops easier. This ruling does not apply to alts, family members, or friends.

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Lord Tyranthus, Jan 1, 12 11:41 AM.
From all of us at SG, have a happy and safe New Years :)

Long time, no updates

Lord Tyranthus, Dec 27, 11 6:30 AM.
Haven't updated this in awhile as we've all been busy enjoying ourselves in game. Since the last news update, we have lifted the ban on Sith Marauders and have recruited quite a few new members through use of the official forums. At some point today we'll have our first natural 50 (having started in the guild at level 1) and before too long should have an official 16-man roster for Operations set up. We hope all of you had an awesome Christmas and are ready for an epic New Year!

Some additional minor changes:
  • Added a Server Status widget on Home Page.
  • Increasing minimum guild entry level to 20.
  • Inserted a box into the Guides page that displays Mumble server info for quick reference. (This is only viewable to guild members and can be found under the "Mumble Server" widget)

Early Access... GO!

Lord Tyranthus, Dec 13, 11 7:49 AM.
Early Access has begun! You can check your email to see if you got in, but people are reporting they're getting in regardless of email, so you can try that, too!
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